15 September, 2011

Default Value for View Object Rows Attributes

Hi all,
As usual in all programming tools we need to set default values for columns.
>>In oracle database we can do that by DDL
ALTER TABLE Table_name MODIFY(column_name  DEFAULT default_value);
>>In oracle forms tool we can do that by setting initial value of item in block.

So I will present how to set deafult value of attribute in VO at ADF.
We can do that by 3 ways
1-Using a Groovy expression
2-Getter of attribute
3-Override view object create() method

13 September, 2011

ADF Cascading Lov

I will present how to do cascading lov in ADF.
Cascading Lov means that another lov its query depend on another Lov selected value.

I will create example for employees
I created two Lovs DepartmentId, ManagerId which ManagerId lov retrieve only employees that thier departments selected in DepartmentId Lov.

I will create DepartmentId Lov as below

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