11 May, 2013

Set Sequence Number by Groovy Expression

Before I posted how to set Sequence Number using Code Get Sequence Next Value in ADF

Today I will illustrate how to set sequence number using groovy language.
You can do it by setting default value expression at primary key 

(new oracle.jbo.server.SequenceImpl("My_seq_name",adf.object.getDBTransaction())).getSequenceNumber()


07 May, 2013

OAF : Bounce Appache Server

Connect to server using putty and execute the following commands

1- Enter commands folder

2- execute the following commands to stop Apache
adapcctl.sh stop
adoacorectl.sh stop

3- Execute the following commands to start Apache
adapcctl.sh start
adoacorectl.sh start


03 May, 2013

Compare JBO Date Programatically

To compare two jbo date programatically, l convert jbo date to sql date and then compare sql dates

oracle.jbo.domain.Date jboDate1 = new oracle.jbo.domain.Date();
oracle.jbo.domain.Date jboDate2 = new oracle.jbo.domain.Date();

java.sql.Date sqlDate1 =jboDate1.dateValue();
java.sql.Date sqlDate2 =jboDate2.dateValue(); 

//Compare sql Date
if (sqlDate1.before(sqlDate2 )) {     
  //Write Your Code


How to Pass Parameters to ActionListener in ADF

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