21 August, 2013

ADF : Change View Criteria Columns at Runtime

When creating view criteria related to view object, then all querable attributes are displayed in view criteria by default.
So I want to change the properties of this attributes at run time pragmatically to display or hide specific attributes in view criteria.

I developed the following method for this purpose, You can add this method to ViewObjectImpl class.

I pass attribute name and a Boolean value to determine display in view criteria or no.

 public void setQuerable(String attributeName, Boolean isQuerable) {  
     int indx = this.getAttributeIndexOf(attributeName);  
     ViewAttributeDefImpl attr = (ViewAttributeDefImpl)this.getAttributeDef(indx);  


20 August, 2013

Uncommitted data warning

If you are working entry data page and some feilds has been changed and you moved to another page, data still in cache but not posted or commited.

So to show warning of unsaved data before moving to another page you can do this by setting "Uncommitted data warning" property of af:document to "true". Then whenever user change data and  move out of current page or close the browser, it will display a warning of unsaved data

ADF : Scope Variables

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