12 March, 2012

Oracle Forms 11g Release 2 (11.1.2) New Features

I will list important  new features that are supported in Oracle Forms 11g release 2 (11.1.2)

#1 Integration with Oracle Access Manager
Oracle Access Manager is an identity management solution that provides centralized
authentication, policy based authorizations and auditing. With Oracle Forms 11g Release 2
you can use Oracle Access Manager for authentication and authorization of your Oracle Forms

#2 Reduced Installation Footprint
In order to reduce the resource requirements on development machines, you can perform an
installation specifically tailored for development. This will limit the number of software products
and servers installed on the machine whilst still allowing a developer to build, run and test their
Forms application.

#3 Performance and Monitoring
Oracle Forms 11g Release 2 provides more dynamic capabilities to pre-start Forms runtime
processing. For example, an administrator can define a set number of runtime engines to be
started at 9am if it is known that most users log onto the system at that time. This will result in
improved start up times for users.

#4 Real User Experience Interaction
Oracle Real User Experience Interaction (RUEI) is a feature of Oracle Fusion Middleware that
provides non-intrusive monitoring, giving insight into how a user is interacting with an

#5 Forms menu bar and window decoration to be turned of
which allows Forms to be more seamlessly integrated into other technology pages such as HTML pages.

Mahmoud Ahmed El-Sayed

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