05 June, 2012

Insight Code in Toad

In our daily programming  life we write repeating code more times so we want a tool to help us in doing our tasks.
I usually use toad insight so I will illustrate how can TOAD help us in this issue.

I have previous post about doing code template in Toad  "Toad Code Template" you can read it from here.

In this post I will explain how to use code insight in TOAD.
In your code editor when writing for example package name and type dot ".", the editor should display whole members of packages subprograms (function, procedures,types and global variables) like below

The previous drop-down list is displayed after specific period after typing dot "." or immediately by pressing CTRL+T keys
Controlling Code Insight
To open form which I can manage code insight from it go to View Menu>>Toad Options, new window will be displayed click Code Assist from left pane Under Editor in tree

Options in Code insight
1- Cache Code Insight results
     Enable or disable code insight

2- CTRL+Click jumps to PLSQL objects
   enable or disable describing PLSQL objects when CTRL+CLICK on its name at editor

3- CTRL+CLICK describes objects
   enable or disable describing database objects when CTRL+CLICK on its name at editor

4- Show object types as text in pickist

5- Display parameters hints after typing open parenthesis.

6-Display picklist after typing object name followed by a period

7- sort picklist alphabetically.

8- Delay pop-ups
  You can enter the period it will wait to display suggested pop-up.

You can identify which database object it will search about it from Toad insigth Objects

Mahmoud A. El-Sayed

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