05 August, 2012

ADF : Filter View Object Rows

In this post I explain how to filter rows in ViewObject and RowSetIterator.
Primarily, filter the rows means return a set of rows from ViewObject or RowSetterator according specific criteria which is filtered in memory only.

1- Filter ViewObject

     //Get ViewObjectImpl object  
     ViewObjectImpl vo = getDeptVO();  
     //Filter using specific attribute value  
     Row[] filteredRows = vo.getFilteredRows("AttributeName", "AttributeValue");  
     //Filter using RowQualifier Class  
     //Use RowQualifier if you have more than one condition in filtering rows  
     RowQualifier rowQualifier = new RowQualifier(vo);  
     filteredRows = vo.getFilteredRows(rowQualifier);  

2- Filter RowSetIterator

     //Get ViewObjectImpl object  
     ViewObjectImpl vo = getAllAdvisorView();  
     //Get RowSetIteratorImpl object  
     RowSetIterator rsIterator=vo.createRowSetIterator(null);  
     //Filter using specific attribute value  
     Row[] filteredRowsRSI = rsIterator.getFilteredRows("AttributeName", "AttributeValue");  


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