15 December, 2012

ADF : Open Page in insert Mode

While developing data entry pages, the major request of the user is opening the page in Insert Mode ( Ready for entry).

To do this requirement we do the below steps
1- Execute executeEmptyRowSet() method for master ViewObject used in page.
2- Insert new empty row in master ViewObject
3- Make inserted row as current row in master ViewObject

I developed the below method in ApplicationModuleImpl for doing the previous steps.
You pass view object named used in application module.

   public void initInsertMode(String viewObjectName) {  
     ViewObject viewObject = this.findViewObject(viewObjectName);  
     Row row = viewObject.createRow();  

Import the following Classes

 import oracle.jbo.Row;  
 import oracle.jbo.ViewObject;  

I published before a post about Insert Rows in ADF View Object Programatically , it may be useful, you can read it from here   


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