01 April, 2013

Oracle OAF MDS Repository

MDS repository stores all pages and regions used in OAF pages and contain personalization and extensions.

All MDS data stores in the following 4 tables.
1. JDR_PATHS: Stores the path of the documents, OA Framework pages and their parent child relationship.
2. JDR_COMPONENTS: Stores components on documents and OA Framework pages.
3. JDR_ATTRIBUTES: Stores attributes of components on documents and OA Framework pages.
4. JDR_ATTRIBUTES_TRANS: Stores translated attribute values of document components or OA framework pages.

JDR_UTILS PL/SQL package supports the MDS repository and can be used to query and maintain the repository.


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  1. Hi Mahmoud,

    I need your help in fixing up a problem in OAF.I have modified AP_WEB_CUST_DFLEX_PKG.customvalidateline procedure to show a error message using Ap_Web_Utilities_Pkg.AddExpErrorNotEncoded procedure for a partuclar case in iexpense page. In that error message i have added html tags to open up a URL with TARGET="_BLANK".Now the URL is opening in the same i expense page itself.When i look at the source html of the expense page target=_blank part is not added.

    I would like to know how to fix this issue.



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