14 October, 2013

OAF : Configure Jdeveloper for OAF

Developers use specific version of Jdeveloper to extend or customize OAF pages.
Each Oracle OAF framework has specific version of Jdeveloper used with it.

Before configuring jdeveloper you must know current OAF version used by Oracle EBS.
To get OAF version used by your instance, login at application and click "About this page" link on the left button of OA page and select "Technology Components" tab.

After knowing your OAF framework version , login at Oracle Support and open Note ID: ID 787209.1 - How to find the correct version of JDeveloper to use with eBusiness Suite 11i or Release 12.

Download correct Jdeveloper patch and extract anywhere at your machine.

Follow the following steps to configure Jdeveloper

1- Specify Path of jdeveloper
Right click on My Computer, select Properties, click System Properties, Select Advanced tab , Click Environment Variables as given below screen shot
Variable name : JDEV_USER_HOME

Variable value : <>

2- Download DBC file
Download dbc file for this path $FND_TOP/secure at application server to local machine folder <>\dbc_files\secure

3- Create Database Connection
Open jdeveloper.exe from jdevbin folder
Select Connection Navigator, right click on Database and select New Database Connection

 In step1write Connection Name and choose Oracle(JDBC) at Connection Type

In step2 fill user name and password and deselect Deploy Password

In step3 fill connection details

In step4 you can click test connection

4- Project Properties
After creating workspace and project, click right click on project and select Project Properties

Select Business Compoenent in left pane, select from drop list your connection

Select  Oracle Applications > Runtime Connection  
Fille the following
DBC File Name : path of dbc file that was downloaded at previous step
User Name : application user name
Password : application user name password

Application Short Name : Enter short name of the responsibility that when running page in Jdeveloper local will run under this responsibility
Responsibility Key : Key of responsibility.


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