18 September, 2017

ADF : Send Parameter to actionListener method inside Bean

actionListener method method can be invoked by Adf Button , Link and Image.
actionListeners methods have only one parameter of type javax.faces.event.ActionEvent.

if requirement is to send some parameter to that bean method who’s signature is something like
public void myActionListener(ActionEvent actionEvent)

The solution to achieve this requirement is putting an attribute tag from the JSF.Core inside the commandButton (or whatever actionable component you are using). So the code in the jsp page looks like this:

Now i can get the value in the bean method by using below code

public void myActionListener(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
  // Add event code here...
  String paramValue = (String)actionEvent.getComponent().getAttributes().get("paramName");
  System.out.println("paramValue = " + paramValue);

OAF :Formatting DateTime Fields

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