26 November, 2017

OAF : Bundled Exceptions

Bundled exceptions let you accumulate "peer" exceptions while proceeding with validation, and then display them as a set when you are done. These peer exceptions are grouped in a container exception called a bundled exception.

To creat a bundled exception, you first must create a list to which you add exceptions as you encounter them:

ArryList peerExceptions = new ArrayList();
peerExceptions.add(new OAException(....));
peerExceptions.add(new OAException(....));

//Raise Exceptions
OAException.raiseBundledOAException(peerExceptions );


OAF :Formatting DateTime Fields

Use the following code to format DateTime feilds in OAF OAWebBean departureDateBean = webBean.findChildRecursive("DepartureDate"...