11 August, 2011

ADF Business Component Base Classes

ADF business component is ADF framework that we can use in Model view. It manages connection with database.
It is ready developed and you can customize it to get your customized framework.
It is contains several main classes that are essential for Model components that are illustrated in below picture.
For opening the below window Open Jdeveloper>Tools>Preference

As we noticed there are classes dedicated to Entity Object, View Object, Application Module.
I will clarify every one of them at next section.

ADFBC Framework classes
    It maintains the entity cache and it has the updated values for each entity row.When ever an attribute is changed at the end its pushed to the entity cache.

   It has generic getAttribute and setAttribute methods to set or get any attribute.When ever a separate implementation class is generated for an Entity Object the class extends EntityImpl and custom get and set methods can be generated in the extension class.This can be controlled from JDeveloper by selecting Generate accessor checkbox.

   It represents a VO.It has all the information related to the VO level like bindVariables,query etc.When ever a VO is executed to get results,The ViewObjectImpl's executeQuery or executeQueryForCollection method gets invoked.

     It is a representation of a VO row or the result row.Similar to getAttribute and setAttribute in EO,get and set methods specific to each attribute can be generated in VORowImpl too.

     It has the Application Module related methods like beforeCommit,afterCommit etc.

Mahmoud A. El-Sayed


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