01 August, 2011

Get sequence next value in ADF

I will present how to use ADF BC to get next value of sequence.

1- Creating Method 

We can create generic method that I will pass to it sequence name and it will return next value.

As we noticed in previous code that I use SequenceImpl to get sequence value.

2- Use that method at Entity Object Attribute to set default value of attribute

 first set value type of attribute to Expression .
 set Value as adf.object.getSequenceValue("My_seq_name").

3- Use getSequenceValue at Entity Object Impl

we can set default value to attribute of  Entity Object in EntityObjectImpl class itself by overriding Create method and set attribute value to sequence value.

Mahmoud A. El-Sayed


  1. Thanks for explaining the complete method to get sequence next value in ADF. This post has helped me a lot as I have been messing with it from past two three days. I will try to do now according to the mentioned steps.
    sap upgrades

  2. Thanks
    for help

  3. but this solution is not optimal, it gets the id from a sequence before the commit , the best is execute the secuence when the insertion is ready, and after recover the id registry from the database that was assigned to the new row to refresh the record in the entity

    regards from Ecuador


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